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Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy (percussion) 

Lucerne University of Music


Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy (School Music I) 

Zurich University of the Arts


Since his earliest childhood, his life has been revolving around rhythms and percussion instruments. From the age of 12 he regularly has been attending lessons and workshops with various renowned musicians (Adama Dramé, Louis Cesar Ewande, Stephan Rigert, Willy Kotoun, Eliel Lazo, Harouna Dembelé and many more). He also gained his first stage and studio expertise as a teenager. 


At the age of 19, Manuel Siebs moved from Eastern Switzerland to Berne to get in touch with the local music scene. A close exchange with different musicians from Senegal developed quickly (Mory Samb, Ibou Ndiaye, Abou Konté, Caro Diallo, Saf Sap, etc.). Five times Manuel Siebs visited West Africa to play with different families of musicians at weddings, christenings and other festivals.


After four years of intensive drumming in Bern and West Africa, Manuel Siebs started studying at the Lucerne University of Music (Institute of Jazz) in 2010 where he successfully completed his Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy (percussion) in June 2015. 

2018-2021 followed another Master's degree in the profile "School Music I" at the Zurich University of the Arts. 


With projects and bands Manuel Siebs plays live as well as in the studio in Switzerland, Europe and West Africa. (The Faranas, Discosaster, Klischée, Bubble Beatz, ETH Big Band, Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Greis, Stephan Rigert's Talking Drums, La Differente, 

Desert Flower Musical - Theater St. Gallen and many more) 


Manuel Siebs conducts numerous courses and workshops for various institutions. 

(Lucerne University of Music, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich Conservatory Music School, University of Teacher Education Zug, University of Teacher Education Thurgau,, Forum for School Music, Canton St. Gallen - Departement of Elementary Education, Uhuru Festival for Music and Dance and many more)



Give your event an exotic touch! With power, tactfulness and empathy, our professional rhythm-coaches will guide your team through the amazing world of percussion music. Surprise, pleasure and success are guaranteed. Forget for a moment any preconceived opinions and rediscover yourself, during a percussion workshop, as an integral and essential part of your team. Experience the powerful dynamics of percussion and learn more about team spirit, commitment, service, leadership, power and fun in a playful way. We offer workshops with groups from 6 up to 800 participants.


Under the expert and moving guidance of several internationally renowned professional musicians, your staff will learn the simplest handling of a rock band's most important standard instruments (electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drums). No prior knowledge is required for this event. Yes, even if you have never held an electric guitar in your hands, you can do it easily with our help! Each participant practices only one absolutely simple part. But overall, it sounds really cool! Then, we let it crash and play together a simple rock arrangement with different parts (intro, theme, end). As a souvenir, the tune will be digitally recorded and delivered to the customer as an MP3-file.


The unique team event with a lot of Swissness factor. All participants receive a tuned cowbell. Under the expert guidance of our conductor, the bells will soon sound as a harmoniously tuned orchestra. The cowbell orchestra is usually accompanied by an accordionist, saxophonist, singer or even several professional musicians.


"The drumming event with our department was a complete success in every respect! Under the direction of Manuel Siebs, 50 people, both skeptical and sceptical, transformed themselves in a short time from hesitant clocks to a powerful set of drums. A big compliment to Manuel! He knows in a very competent and playful way how to get people out of himself and train them. His enthusiasm and vivacity are quite contagious. An unforgettable experience - a positive long-term effect guaranteed!"
Bettina Trachsel, PRA, University of St. Gallen 

"What an awesome and powerful team event we had! Everyone, with no exception, enjoyed the drum workshop so much. It was such a pleasure to see everyone's face lighten up into so much laughter and fun. This activity created positive energy, it created a synchronized team-work, it created new leaders that maybe didn't know they could "lead". A collaboration through good listening and keeping the pace. A big thank you to Manuel Siebs!!! You made our day with your enthusiasm, your playful spirit and not to mention the incredible drumming skills, which we could have listened to the whole evening long. All organization, from the starting email contact to delivery of material and the team event itself, were impeccable. It was a pleasure and an absolute success and I would repeat it right away with other teams."
Lisa Giuri, Hoffmann-La Roche

"Thank you very much for your great work on Saturday. The customers were totally enthusiastic and chose their workshop as the "highlight of the day". You seem to have managed to get people excited about drumming in a relaxed and friendly way! Big compliment! The cooperation with you was a pleasure for us! Whenever possible, we will advertise for you and will of course be happy to come back to you with new orders of this kind."
Christine Tenti, Yes We Plan
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